Terms of Use

QRsafety.com provides students of We the Safe Inc. training a profile page that retains a copy of their training certification record. QRsafety also provides students with the ability to add on emergency information and additional training certificates.

Employers are provided with their employee contact information including emergency contacts, records of training and documentation review, orientation records, safety violations, worker notes, worker provided tools and equipment inspection dates, WorkSafeBC records and list of job sites. Using an algorithm QRsafety.com suggests safety related training and procedure reviews based on site, stage of site and workers on the site.

We the Safe Inc. provides QRsafety.com as a service to their students and clients. It may also be used by employers for proof of coordination of safety, supervision and may be used in audits, compliance reports and COR submissions.

QRsafety.com can be part of an effective safety management system however is not a stand-alone solution. Original forms and certificates are not replacedty on the site, including any information or documentation generated by the user from the site. by QRsafety. The algorithm used for suggesting safety related training and procedure review is created to help but not replace effective planning, supervision and management.

Qrsafety.com has followed appropriate protocols in obtaining, extracting and presenting the information in the Tool Site, and periodically updates the information as may be needed. In providing QRsafety.com We the Safe Inc. does not in any way warrant, promise, or represent, expressly or impliedly, the nature, standard, accuracy or otherwise, of the information provided in or generated through the QRsafety.com, or the suitability or applicability of the information to a user's circumstances.

We the Safe Inc. is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of the use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within QRsafety.com, or the user’s activity on the site, including any information or documentation generated by the user from the site.

The information on QRsafety.com, including any information produced from its use is in no way meant to replace professional supervision, management, planning or advice relating to complying with the local regulations, and standards referenced or any manufacturer’s instructions. QRsafety.com is not a replacement for a safety management system or any preventative measures.